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Different culture and nature

A new and different life

When somebody decides to emigrate, then usually this is a well-considered choice.

But however much you read, prepare and document yourself, your land of promise only will reveal itself fully to you once you've taken the actual step. Once there, soon your time will be filled with all kinds of practical arrangements and worries; but once the installation phase is over, it is very important to lay a good social foundation for your further stay in this new country.

The real quality of life, whether you live in rainy Belgium or Holland or on a sunny mountain in Spain, goes beyond having a nice villa or apartment on the coast!

Different culture and nature

The basic feeling why you are choosing for Andalucía should of course be consistent with reality.

This is condition número uno.

I can already tell you that the climate is great. Whereas in Belgium and the Netherlands you need to be lucky to enjoy two months of summer, here it's summer almost all year round. Only from late January till April and around October-November the weather may be somewhat changeable, but this has no comparison to our March showers and April vagaries.

Another constant is the sense of space. Every day you are treated to panoramic views of either the mountains or the azure Mediterranean Sea, and both of them make for a magnificent background.

The in-land part of the Axarquia, by car just fifteen minutes from the coast, offers numerous nature parks where you can enjoy walking or hiking without having to endure kilometers of asphalt first.

Speaking of asphalt: Spain can be proud of its roads! Europe is investing intensively in the construction of new motorways and TGV networks that connect the major cities. Another good thing in the area between Málaga and Motril is the absence of traffic jams!!! Can you imagine that still exists!

Also, this region has been little exploited and invaded by mass tourism like in Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Benalmádena, ... where, let's face it, the real Spain is often far away ... The pueblos blancos of the Axarquia and their inhabitants are still genuinely Spanish: 'muy tranquilos y muy acogedores' (very laidback and hospitable).

All these basic ingredients are a gift everybody here in the Axarquía gets for free; they provide a good basis for a quality life.



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