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How we work

Unique working method


In order for us to have a clear idea of what you, the customer, really want, communication is essential. Using our application form, you tell us what you are looking for. Selecting from our database and partner network, we will inform you of properties in the area that match your preferences. We will also inform you in detail about the financial aspect of the purchase.


Feedback from your part is essential in order to refine our selection. In this stage we will also inform you about the villages and/or cities you have selected. When choosing a property you also want to take into account its surroundings: pros and cons are pointed out for each property; new selections are sent by email.

Personal meeting

Once we have drawn up a top five of interesting properties, we arrange for a first meeting in our office in Frigiliana. This personal introduction is crucial for us to further refine our selection. The same day or the day after, we go on our first property-seeing tour. After seeing 5-7 properties, you will have a good impression of the area and of the quality offered.

In practice

This first experience often throws a completely different light on the way of selecting. It is no exception for the key parameters in our search to be considerably altered at this point.

The region

Based on this newly acquired knowledge and our updated image of the region, we start our second tour. Usually after 4 to 5 tours, most customers have a very clear view of the area they want to live in and also the kind of property they want.


The duration of the search varies from customer to customer, but from the moment of seriously considering moving to Spain, to actually moving, most people need at least half a year, some two years. Meanwhile, we keep you further informed by email of newly available properties, we make new selections and in the best of all cases, we will do the follow-up of the purchase dossier of your new home in Spain.

Project management

Once you are the proud owner of your own villa, townhouse or apartment, we are still at your disposal. Our project management is there for any repairs, renovations and general problem-solving.


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